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New Project
- Pre-selection of music.
- Verification of real existence, exclusion of bots and ghosts.
- Formulation of a set of tracks.
- Distribution of set to relevant platforms.

Many artists are still unknown. It is a difficult situation to overcome. Even though I listen to a substantial amount of music daily, it is impossible to reach all content.
To put this in perspective, Daniel Ek says that “close to 40,000” tracks are uploaded to Spotify daily. Eventually, AI-driven curation may become the the top choice, but for now and for some, my manual curation will continue to be apreciated and very helpful.
Meanwhile, if you found me and my Fluxo Adicional project, you can send me a link to your tracks or of your favourite artist and support the project with a small
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    Growing up in the poor neighborhoods of Porto, Portugal, my relationship with sound has always been intimate. Even though music was hideaway from the surrounding misery, it was also a luxury I couldn't afford and it was scarce.

    I used to spend most of my free time looking for music and making mixtapes of tracks I liked so that I could share with my peers who would end up making fun of my “unusual” music selection. But that didn’t stop me as shy young boy from using music as a tool for self-expression.

    The idea of creating music appealed to me at the age of 13 when I played a music creation game on my cousin's PlayStation. I spent a few hours combining sounds while all the other kids were playing outside. I was always fascinated by sounds, but this video game taught me it was possible to make my own.

    In 2018 I finally decided it was time to share part of my story and vision by releasing my productions to the world.

    As life goes on, you continue to get inspired. And I appreciate that music allows me to create and learn every day.

    There are many people out there that represent a great deal of influence in the underground and alternative music field, and that continues to inspire my work.
    Some prominent figures in my music journey can be found here  

    I am working on a project called ‘Fluxo Fragmentado’ a flux of fragmented tracks that make up one unified piece. My first single from the series called “Intercalado” was released in 2018, on Beatport. Intercalado is a techno track that shows how the melody is in constant interaction with the rest of the sounds and tries to represent a bit of the repetition showed in many of the landscapes out in the world, a repetition created most of the time by hard-working people from villages and small towns.

    As an artist I tend to make experimental music that borrows from different genres even though techno is more constant in my productions. I know that this is a difficult industry and that being bellow the underground line gives this a very small chance to be appreciated as an art form, and that is why I appreciate the time you took to listen to my releases and the effort that you have made coming to this page and reading about me.

    Thanks for your visit.



    - "Intercalado" (September 7, 2018, Fluxo Fragmentado).   /   preview
    - "Invocado" (September 7, 2018, Fluxo Fragmentado).   /   preview